Named Grand Champion, two years running.
The origins of Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu
. In the early 1990s, entrepreneur Chris Walker (father of Stone Axe Co-founder Mathew Walker) was convinced of the potential future of Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu in Australia. As there was no protocol between Japan and Australia to import cattle directly, Chris went about the long and difficult process of bringing these prized genetics into Australia via the USA.

With utmost conviction, 84 Female and 3 Male registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu breeding cattle were exported to the US. After several years of breeding there, Chris was able to export 40 female breeders from his herd in the US to Tarana NSW, along with 9 young bulls that were sons of the herd’s 3 prized registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu Sires.

Today these origins are contained in the Stone Axe herd that numbers in the thousands and spans several farms across the high country of New South Wales and Victoria. And to this day, the herd maintains 100% Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of Australian Full Blood Wagyu.


500 day Grain Fed Purebred Wagyu
Experience the World’s Best flavour. Our exclusive flagship product is intricately marbled, delivering a tender, melt in the mouth taste sensation that never disappoints.
Breed: Purebred Wagyu
HGP Free: Yes
Halal: Yes
EU Accredited: Yes


400 Day Grain Fed F1 Wagyu
Crossing the two most proven marbling breeds, Wagyu and Black Angus, our F1 product is bred for flavour. Juicy and succulent, this beef is a truly unique eating experience.
Breed: F1 -F3 Wagyu
HGP Free: Yes
Halal: Yes
EU Accredited: Yes


Only Carrara 640 Wagyu is created to honour the magical marble. Displaying an intricate, feathery pattern and distinguished as the world’s finest.

Okan Wagyu

Okan Wagyu, from its name origin meaning ‘fit for the Emperor’, is one of our newest brands that will be used in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong. It is a high quality Wagyu that has passed tasting tests and been commended for its demonstrated provenance, unique taste profile, buttery taste and high marbling. Chilled or frozen cuts can be made available to client specifications.

Security Foods Full Blood

Bred in the temperate southern regions of Australia, in particular the Victorian Highlands, young calves are nurtured on their mothers in pristine grazing areas. From 12 months of age they are moved into dedicated backgrounding facilities and finally finished on grain for a minimum of 500 days. Only the best carcasses which have been independently graded by Aus-Meat accredited chiller assessors are selected. Selection criteria is based on meat colour, eye muscle area and marbling (minimum Aus-meat MB7).

Security Foods F1 and Australian Black Full Blood

Security Foods uses Karoge Washu bred Wagyu and Tajima Bloodlines, selected on the basis of extensive progeny testing (over forty years), to breed large numbers of feeder cattle which are fed in company-controlled feedlots. Through ongoing training programs, The Company is educating Australian farmers to correctly feed and manage these cattle from birth to slaughter. Accordingly, our Company prides itself in being able to produce beef that is not only juicy and tender but most importantly tasty. All cattle are bred in the temperate southern regions of Australia including the Northern Tablelands and Riverina of NSW and the King and Kiewa Valleys of Victoria. All cattle are produced under our JAS standards and we are able to maintain 100% traceability on all carcasses


Tajima Wagyu Beef. Premium, great taste.

Described as the highest quality beef in the world, Wagyu is renowned for its tenderness, distinctive marbling and flavour.


The Phoenix name has been reserved for the highest quality F1-F4 Marbled Wagyu beef.

Taking its name from the Mort family crest, our award-winning Phoenix Wagyu beef will exceed the standards of any discerning consumer’s palate.

Sourced from some of Australia’s finest Wagyu herds, the cattle are raised in lush and pristine pastures before spending a minimum of 365 days on grain at our world-class feedlots.

Delivering a rich, soft and delicate Wagyu beef taste, The Phoenix lures diners from around the world to return for an unforgettable culinary experience.


The Phoenix Master Selection personifies excellence. It is the epitome of the paddock to palate journey, bringing together the finest Wagyu from specialist purebred and fullblood breeders across Australia.

Raised in some of the nation’s richest pastures and grainfed for a minimum of 400 days on the world-class Grassdale feedlot, The Phoenix Master Selection branding is reserved for only the purest marbled Wagyu. Master Selection delivers an exceptional experience for the most fastidious beef connoisseur.


Stockyard’s long fed beef is derived from Angus cattle fed on grain for a minimum of 200 days at the Kerwee Feedlot on a specially formulated high energy grain ration.


For centuries, the Japanese kept their Wagyu genetics under tight control, not releasing them to the world until the late 20th century.


kiwami, meaning Outstanding Excellence, is our finest Wagyu, hand selected to provide beef with a combination of silky flavours, tenderness, taste and juiciness that will exceed expectation and guarantee the ultimate dining experience.

Moyhu Wagyu

Moyhu Wagyu is located at “Leatarn” in the Meadow Creek Valley. The property is in the foothills of the Victorian Alps and located approximately 16 kilometres from the township of Moyhu. Meadow Creek runs through this valley which runs parallel to the King Valley. The King Valley area is renowned for its fine wines and foods.


Australian Certified Wagyu Beef Pty Ltd is one of the first Australian companies to breed, grow, feed, process and market Wagyu beef to the world.

Auskobe cattle are free from additional growth hormones and antibiotics. By ensuring full quality control over our Wagyu cattle, we maintain the beef's healthy, all natural formula for a minimum 400 days to guarantee the Wagyu beef is tender, juicy and full of flavour that contains unsaturated fat such as Omega-3.

Robbins Island

Robbins Island is situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania. The prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones.

Throughout the year, bands of local horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas.

The cool climate, salt air, and pristine environment are ideal for naturally raising some of the most tender and best tasting beef in the world.

Black Opal Wagyu

Like its gemstone namesake, Black Opal Wagyu is the most sought after and desirable Wagyu on the Australian market.

Its rich, buttery flavour and melt in the mouth texture gives chefs a product that their clients will remember and seek out simply for the eating experience.

Each and every Black Opal product comes with guaranteed, verifiable provenance and we assure 100% quality satisfaction.


The Mort family were amongst the first settlers in Grandchester, a picturesque hamlet in the Darling Down region of South East Queensland. There, in 1849, they established a cattle run spanning 60,000 hectares.

Today, that original property remains in the family, so it is fitting our award-winning Black Angus brand carries the Grandchester name.

Sourced from heritage-bred Black Angus cattle and grainfed for a minimum of 150 days, Grandchester delivers impeccable marbling and tenderness with a distinct flavour that guarantees exceptional eating.


150 Day Grain Fed Verified Black Angus
With up to a 3+ marble score, our pure Black Angus beef is renowned for its consistently exceptional eating quality. Unleashing big flavour every time – guaranteed.
Breed: Verified Black Angus
HGP Free: Yes
Halal: Yes
EU Accredited: Yes


120 day Grain Fed Angus, minimum 75% Angus genetics
The perfect all round, everyday eating experience – never settle for anything less. Our Angus beef’s superiority is a result of its juicy and delicious flavour.
Breed: Minimum 75% Angus
HGP Free: No
Halal: Yes
EU Accredited: No
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